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How is the Eastside Community Group helping out the Masterton community?

Almost 3 years after Department of Internal Affairs financial support ended, the Eastside Community Group is still doing amazing community development work in Masterton East.

During the COVID-19 lockdown the group, in collaboration with Te Awhina Cameron Community House, He Kaui Wairarapa, and Connecting Community Wairarapa responded to the needs of residents in Masterton East.

Pitching in to help the most vulnerable in the community, they delivered loads of firewood, they put together and distributed toiletry packs, they gave out petrol and grocery vouchers to those in need, and they even helped out painting a few fences and removing grafitti. 

In the Eastside Community Group's own words:  

"Eastside is a connected community and knowing our people made it easy to identify our vulnerable and those that needed support to make sure they the had essentials their whānau needed during the national lockdown. Individual letters were sent out to kaumātua and a community survey and newsletter were distributed on social media and hardcopies to letterboxes to ensure everyone had a opportunity to voice their opinions on needs they see for their community, ideas and a chance to ask for support and stay connected with what was happening in their community."

Below is a link to the snap shot report of what Eastside Community Group and their partners acheived during the COVID-19 lockdown: