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Does your organisation need a change of purpose for your grant because of COVID-19?

Does your organisation need a change of purpose because of COVID 19?  If so, please read this story about an organisation that changed the purpose of their grant to meet changing community needs. 

On March 23 2020, Hone Taimona sent an email to his local DIA Community Advisor. He wrote:

“Due to the COVID-19 situation, our Rongoa team have suspending all kaupapa mirimiri and instead we are now directing all our limited resources and energies in producing bulk rongoa soaps, wai rongoa, panipani, rongoa tii rau (Kumarahou tea bags etc) gel sanitizer, wai pure, rongoa atomizers (carrying antibacterial and antimicrobial properties) and other rongoa whakaora items as required for our kaumatua and whanau in need. We will also be able to make up kete rongoa mo nga whanau (Rongoa packs) when a tangi does occur (whanau homes) within Hokianga and also the same kete rongoa for kaikeripoka (grave diggers) for burial tikanga. We will be able to cover a certain amount of tangihanga.

There’s a lot of preparation work to be done and resources required, but it is possible and for this work to be done we are looking at diverting our $15,000 funding received from Lotteries Community to cover the production costs.

Due to these extraordinary times, would we be able to divert the $15,000 to do so and if so, what are the processes for us to confirm this?”

Using the online grants management system a Community Operations manager was able to approve the change of purpose and notify Hone the same day.

If your organisation needs a change of purpose for your grant so you can deliver different, and new, community outcomes like Taumata Rongoa o Hauora Hokianga, please get in touch with a Community Advisor on 0800 824 824. 

Picture of a Rongoa kete

A kete containing soaps and santisers to help the Taumata Rongoa o Hauora Hokianga's community fight COVID-19