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What is Sandringham's approach to Community-led Development?


Location: Auckland
Population: Around 11,500

Sandringham is a widely-loved part of Auckland. Drawing people in from all over to experience the culture and food of South Asia, it is also home to a vibrant and diverse range of people, faiths and community groups, enterprises, schools, and aspirations. The local shopping village is one of Auckland’s thriving suburban town centres, and this dynamism is built on Sandringham’s growing reputation as an ethic dining hub and shopping precinct, as well as its proximity to Auckland’s CDB – a 20-minute bus ride away.

Local people want to build on the things they already love in Sandringham; its cultural diversity, food, vibrancy, community feel, central location, expanding reputation for living and for business, and the character and heritage of the area. It is important to the local community that Sandringham continues to develop in a way that is inclusive to all, that public space is increased, and public facilities are improved to better serve the needs of the community. Residents want Sandringham village’s heritage streetscape preserved through sensitive street level development. People want to see, feel and create a vibrant public life that sees a diverse range of “people gathering, talking, living and doing our daily business here”. This “lively, fun and happy” atmosphere is supported by informal gathering spaces that include public seating and tables, safe pedestrian access and events, festivals and markets. There is also a desire for more public art and for community involvement in decision making and projects. Simply put, local people want to feel connected and a part of the local community.