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What Cultural Heritage projects, plans, and reports may be funded by Lottery Environment and Heritage?

What Cultural Heritage projects, plans and reports may be funded by Lottery Environment and Heritage?

Lottery Environment and Heritage makes cultural heritage grants to:

  • protect collections that are at risk of being damaged or lost
  • projects that will make collections easier for people to access and enjoy
  • projects to tell our stories, and especially for young people to learn about and experience our cultural heritage
  • projects that conserve or protect moveable cultural property, such as photographs, paintings, furniture and other artefacts
  • prepare plans, studies or reports that will help achieve cultural heritage projects.
  • The Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee is more likely to fund requests with or for conservation or restoration plans that accord with the ICOMOS New Zealand Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Heritage Value.  The link to that Charter is here.
One-off projects

The following types of cultural heritage projects may be funded:

  • building of museums, art galleries or archive facilities
  • redevelopment or upgrades of museums, art galleries or archive facilities
  • setting up education centres for young people within existing museums
  • building of memorials for events or people that are important to our history
  • conservation of moveable cultural property, such as photographs; paintings, furniture and artefacts
  • researching, writing and publishing projects that have local, regional or national significance
  • oral history projects that use the National Oral History Association of New Zealand's code of ethical and technical practice
  • developing heritage trails development, with information provided online, on panels and printed materials
  • exhibition materials that help people to understand a collection
  • archiving and converting records to a digital form
  • buying art or other important objects (only if the object is of national importance and the purchase will make sure it stays or is returned to New Zealand)
  • any other projects which meets cultural heritage priorities and outcomes of this fund.