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How will our request to a Crown fund be assessed ?

Your Crown grant request will first be reviewed by the Department of Internal Affairs to ensure information on your organisation profile is up-to-date and that you have completed the request form and provided the required supporting documentation, including a budget.  

If your request meets these requirements and is complete, a Community Advisor will then assess your request and may contact you if they have any questions about what you are asking support for, what benefits or outcomes you are hoping to achieve and how this fits with the Crown fund you have applied to. This is why you are asked to provide the name and details of a contact person who can talk about your grant request.

The Advisor will then provide an assessment to the Crown Panel or relevant Committee comments on the outcomes and benefits to the community your proposal could deliver, how easy or hard your proposed project or service will be to achieve, and if your group or organisation has the resources and experience to deliver what you propose.