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What is needed to request funding for a Physical Heritage project?

  • A project plan and timeline. If your project involves construction, you will also need to submit simple concept drawings or floor plans. 
  • A budget.
  • Resource consent, if required for the project.
  • If your project is for a wāhi tapu site, you must provide confirmation of appropriate hapū, whānau and/or iwi authority to carry out your project. 

If you are requesting a grant of less than $250,000, you need to provide three written quotes (or explain in writing why you were not able to obtain three quotes) 

If the total project cost is $250,000 or more, you need to provide: 

  • a feasibility study, an ecological restoration plan or a pest management plan for the project; and either
  • a quantity surveyor's report, signed contract or three written quotes.

If your project involves the conservation or restoration of a building or large built object, you may be able to substitute a conservation plan in place of a feasibility study.

Your grant request needs to show you can provide at least one-third of the total project cost. If you don’t meet this partnership funding requirement by the closing date, a grant is unlikely to be made.

The Committee prefers requests for projects that show project and/or conservation planning has already taken place, appropriate to the type of project being undertaken.

You also need to show how your project will meet best practice professional standards for the protecting, preserving, restoring, conserving and/or displaying of places, structures or large built objects of proven heritage significance.

We recommend that you consider the on-going increase in building costs as part of your project planning.