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Are there examples of Natural Heritage plans and reports ?

An example of a plan would be; a plan to restore an ecological area which would:

  • identify the area to be restored and have a map and photographs 
  • say who owns the area and any special status it has 
  • say whether government agencies, including local councils, have any responsibility for the area and the project 
  • describe the area, including the species that live there, and say why the area’s natural heritage is important 
  • describe the condition of the area and why it needs to be restored, and provide a standard to measure the success of the project against 
  • say what the restoration wants to achieve 
  • assess any risks from restoring the area, such as the risk of animal and/or plant pests moving in 
  • say if the project has any legal requirements, such as resource consents 
  • assess any cultural concerns raised by the project 
  • provide a plan for how the restoration will be done.