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How will we work together during our Community-led Development Programme partnership?

Developing a relationship of trust and partnership takes time and one of our Community Advisors will be dedicated to working alongside your community or hapū to build a long-term partnership of trust and support.

This Advisor will start with the information from your Request for Partnership to join the programme and work with you to confirm the advice, support and resources that your community is seeking to support it reach its goals. This support could include access to resources, tools, and expertise for you to use in your community or hapū to help you achieve your goals and to help you follow the community-led development principles. It may also include identifying and reaching out to others other such as government agencies, tangata whenua, local authorities, funders, businesses and local organisations who could have a role to play. 

As a programme partner, you will also be encouraged to take part in a national community of practice, to share experiences with other communities and hapū in the programme, to learn from each other and to give and receive support.