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What supporting documents are needed for a Lottery Community Sector Research grant request?

Grant requests must be supported by:

  • a project plan giving details of the timeline, the proposed activities and who will deliver these
  • a project budget that includes the time and costs for each project team member.

What should a Lottery Community Sector Research request include?

What a Lottery Community Sector Research request must include

A request for Lottery Community Sector Research grant needs to show that:

  • it addresses needs identified by the community 
  • the community will participate in the project 
  • the results will be of benefit to the wider community.

Requests should also:

  • show an understanding of good practice research and evaluation principles
  • show proper planning and adequate resources for the proposed research or evaluation activities
  • describe the research or evaluation methods you will use
  • name the organisations and/or people who will be involved in the project and their roles
  • Requests are more likely to be funded if the need for the research or evaluation project and the benefits or outcomes for your organisations, sector or your community, hapū or iwi are clearly shown.

For more information on ethics, evaluation principles and good practice, follow the links below:

Link to Research for Development Impact Network's 'Principles and Guidelines for Ethical Research and Evaluation

Link to Community Research's 'Code of Practice'

For further information about good practice in community research, you can visit 'What Works' here