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Volunteer Nelson Young Leaders acknowledged in community awards

Volunteer Nelson Young Leaders acknowledged in community awards

Volunteer Nelson’s Young Leaders Programme won the Regional Award in the Education & Child/Youth Development Category at the 2017 Trustpower Community Awards.

The idea for strengthening the volunteering component of the Young Leaders Programme came about in 2016 when Volunteer Nelson was a participant in the Department of Internal Affairs’ Community Internship Programme.

The Young Leaders Programme enables local people aged 17 to 24 years to obtain a free qualification in Youth Work Level 3, as a pathway to youth work and community work, or as a learning and development opportunity.

Read more about the Volunteer Nelson Young Leaders and their award.

How does the Community Internship Programme work?

Three partners are needed for a community internship:

  1. The 'host' for the internship is a non-profit community organisation, hapū or iwi organisation that wants to improve what it does and grow stronger. It is the host organisation that requests the grant, with the agreement of the other two parties.
  2. The 'intern' is a skilled, experienced person who leaves their own workplace to work for the host organisation during the internship. They earn their usual salary during this time.
  3. The 'home agency' is the intern’s usual workplace before and after the internship. A home agency may be a business, iwi authority, government department, local authority or non-profit community group.