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What are the outcomes for Lottery Community Facilities grants?

Organisations receiving grants are expected to show how their community facility will help the community and:

  • increase the community’s strength and its ability to look after its own needs and achieve more
  • provide opportunities for people to join in social, recreational, civil or cultural activities
  • reduce or overcome barriers that prevent people taking part in those activities.

New or improved community facilities should help communities to achieve their outcomes, including:

  • providing more or better access to existing community services
  • creating more services, or making a bigger range of services available
  • improving the ability to respond to community needs
  • improving community links and networks.

What is the LGB outcomes approach?

The Lottery Grants Board aims to maximise the community benefits of lottery grants by focusing grant decision making on outcomes.

Outcomes are all the changes, benefits, learning and effects that happen – or start to happen – as a result of activities, projects or services in communities.

The Board’s key funding objectives and request criteria are designed to ensure that lottery grants will contribute towards its vision of New Zealanders building strong sustainable communities together.

What is a community facility?

Please note that for the 2023/24 financial year the Lottery Community Facilities Committee has 46% less funding available compared with the previous year. Unfortunately, this means the committee will not be able to fund as many requests as last year and is unlikely to make grants to the same levels it has previously.

If you have any questions, please contact your local advisor or email us at

As well as community centres or community buildings, a community facility may be a stadium, performing arts complex, community swimming pool, aquatic centre, skate or dirt park, or a capital works project that improves local digital accessibility. 

Grant requests should show that what you are planning will be used by a local, regional or national community.