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2019 COGS Christchurch City / Banks Peninsula grants made

Name Amount
Foodbank Canterbury - Westland Charitable Trust $6,000.00
Community Focus Trust $3,000.00
Fiddlestyx Toy Library Incorporated* $1,200.00
Project Esther Trust* $5,000.00
Drug Arm Christchurch* $5,000.00
Coastguard Canterbury Incorporated* $4,000.00
Literacy Christchurch Incorporated* $5,000.00
Hei Hei Broomfield Community Development Trust $8,000.00
Petersgate Trust* $6,000.00
Christchurch Peoples Resource Centre $6,000.00
Seabrook McKenzie Trust For Specific Learning Disabilities $4,000.00
BUG 4/2 Incorporated* $5,000.00
Deaf Society of Canterbury Incorporated* $4,000.00
La Vida Youth Trust* $5,000.00
Wainoni - Avonside Community Services Trust $5,000.00
New Brighton Project Inc. $6,000.00
ParaFed Canterbury Incorporated* $4,000.00
Kingdom Resources Limited $4,000.00
Papanui Baptist Church Community Services Freedom Trust $6,000.00
Philippines Culture and Migrant Services $4,000.00
Papanui Community Toy Library Incorporated $1,500.00
The Japanese Society of Canterbury (Kantaberii Nihonjin Kai) Incorporated* $5,000.00
Shirley Toy Library Incorporated* $1,500.00
Belfast Community Network Incorporated* $8,000.00
Avon Loop Planning Association Incorporated $2,500.00
Addington Community House Incorporated* $5,000.00
Pain Action In New Zealand Incorporated $4,000.00
Otautahi Creative Spaces Trust* $4,000.00
Christchurch South Community Gardens Trust $4,000.00
Crossroads Youth With a Future $5,000.00
The CanInspire Charitable Trust* $3,000.00
Women's Centre Incorporated* $6,000.00
Breast Cancer Support Inc. $500.00
The Canterbury Communications Trust $4,000.00
Linwood Avenue Community Corner Trust* $8,000.00
Northgate Community Services Trust $8,000.00
Acorn Trust* $4,000.00
Network Waitangi Otautahi Incorporated $3,000.00
Canterbury Refugee Resettlement and Resource Centre $5,000.00
Dyspraxia Support Group (New Zealand) Incorporated* $3,000.00
Wandersearch Canterbury Charitable Trust $5,000.00
West Christchurch Women's Refuge Society Incorporated $6,000.00
Community Toy Library Waimairi Incorporated $1,500.00
Whareora House of Life Trust* $4,000.00
Recreate NZ $2,950.00
The Sources of Unconditional Love Charitable Trust $3,000.00
The Kids for Kids Charitable Trust $2,000.00
Burnside Community Transformation Trust $4,000.00
Disabled Persons Assembly (NZ) Inc - Christchurch & Districts $4,000.00
Ardour Charitable Trust $5,000.00
The Canterbury Branch of the Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand Incorporated $3,000.00
Christchurch Community House Te Whakaruruhau ki Otautahi Trust* $6,000.00
Canterbury Neighbourhood Support Incorporated $5,000.00
Sumner Bays Union Trust* $5,000.00
Addington Net Incorporated* $6,000.00
Tenants Protection Association Christchurch Incorporated $7,000.00
Te Mapua Child & Youth Trust $5,000.00
Citizens Advice Bureau Christchurch Area $4,000.00
Chinese Culture Association (NZ) Incorporated $5,000.00
Birthright Canterbury Trust* $5,000.00
Akaroa Resource Collective Trust $5,000.00
Bishopdale Community Trust $8,000.00
Dance Therapy NZ $4,000.00
Eastern Community Sport and Recreation Incorporated $5,000.00
Aranui Community Trust Incorporated $8,000.00
Lyttelton Community House Trust $8,000.00
Social Equity and Wellbeing Network $4,000.00
Spreydon Youth Community Trust $5,000.00
The Village Presbyterian Church $3,000.00
The Linfield Cultural Recreational & Sports Club Inc $5,000.00
Christchurch South Toy Library Incorporated $1,500.00
M.E./CFS Group (Canterbury) Inc. $4,000.00
Look Good ... Feel Better Trust* $2,500.00
Mt Pleasant Memorial Community Centre and Residents Assn. Inc. $2,000.00
Art For Life Trust $3,000.00
Nepal New Zealand Friendship Society of Canterbury Incorporated $4,000.00
Young Women's Christian Association Christchurch Incorporated $5,000.00
Canterbury Men's Centre $7,000.00
Shirley Community Trust* $8,000.00
Richmond Community Garden Trust $4,000.00
Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust* $8,000.00
Shoreline Youth Trust* $6,000.00
Limitless Charitable Trust $4,000.00
Christchurch Group NZ Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporated $5,000.00
New Zealand Down Syndrome Association Incorporated $2,565.00
The Aspire Trust (Inc) $4,000.00
Disabled Snowsports Canterbury Incorporated $4,000.00
Te Wero Gymnastics Incorporated $5,000.00
The Okains Bay Maori and Colonial Museum $5,000.00
Christchurch Special Needs Library for Educational and Therapeutic Resources $5,000.00
Youth Southwest Christchurch Trust* $6,000.00
Handmade Studio Charitable Trust $3,000.00
Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Society of Canterbury Incorporated* $6,000.00
SeniorNet New Brighton Incorporated $3,000.00
Multiples Canterbury Incorporated $1,400.00
Avebury House Community Trust* $8,000.00
The StarJam Charitable Trust $6,000.00
New Zealand UPP Education Trust $5,000.00
Hornby Community Care Trust $3,000.00
Oak Development Trust $8,000.00
Korowai Youth Well-Being Trust $4,000.00
Aphasia New Zealand (AphasiaNZ) Charitable Trust* $3,000.00
Our Lady of Victories Leisure Group $3,000.00
John Paul II Centre For Life Trust* $3,000.00
K2 Youth Development Trust $4,000.00
Christchurch Guangdong Association Incorporated $3,000.00
Canterbury Air Patrol Incorporated $3,000.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Christchurch* $7,000.00
Early Childhood Resource Centre (Christchurch) Incorporated $3,000.00
Neighbourhood Trust* $8,000.00
Woolston Development Project Inc. $8,000.00
Macular Degeneration New Zealand* $3,000.00
Redcliffs Community Shed Trust Board $3,000.00
Canterbury Fiji Social Services Trust $4,000.00
Rewi Alley Education and Cultural Centre* $4,000.00
Pregnancy Help Canterbury Trust* $5,000.00
New Brighton Community Gardens Trust $4,000.00
Community Development Network Trust* $4,000.00
Canterbury Asthma Society Incorporated $4,000.00
Be The Change NZ/Kia Tu Hurihanga Aotearoa $5,000.00
Pegasus Toy Library $1,150.00
I Got Your Back Pack* $3,000.00
Project Lyttelton Incorporated $6,000.00
Christchurch Community Accounting $5,000.00
Te Whare Roopu o Oterepo Waltham Community Cottage* $7,500.00
Bromley Community Association Incorporated $8,000.00
Te Whare Taonga o Nga Iwi Katoa Linwood Resource Centre Trust* $8,000.00
Garden To Table Trust* $3,000.00
Toughlove Region 6 Upper South Island Incorporated $3,000.00
O.S.C.A.R. Network in Christchurch Incorporated $3,000.00
Sumner Senior Citizens Club $3,000.00
Lyttelton Information and Resource Centre Trust $4,000.00
Shakti Ethnic Women's Support Group Christchurch Incorporated $5,000.00
Edmund Rice Justice Aotearoa/New Zealand Trust $2,000.00
The Parish of Merivale St Alban's $3,000.00
Christchurch Zhonghua Chinese Society (CZCS) $3,000.00
Canterbury Youth Workers Collective Incorporated $3,000.00
Dress For Success Christchurch Inc $7,000.00
Tagata Tuvalu Otautahi Community Incorporated* $4,000.00
Sustain South Brighton Incorporated $5,000.00
Youthline Central South Island $4,000.00
Stitch-O-Mat Charitable Trust $4,000.00
P.A.T.H.S. Trust* $4,000.00
Bellyful New Zealand Trust $2,140.00
Christchurch Korean Community School $3,000.00
Papanui Youth Development Trust $5,000.00
Babystart Charitable Trust $3,000.00
Canterbury Down Syndrome Association Incorporated $5,000.00
Keep Christchurch Beautiful $2,229.00
Rowley Resource Centre Inc $8,000.00
The Brighton Gallery Trust $2,000.00
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust New Zealand $2,000.00
Youth Alive Trust $6,000.00
Postnatal Depression Family/Whanau New Zealand Trust $4,000.00
Enrich Community Chaplaincy Trust $3,000.00
Mothers Milk NZ $4,000.00
The Howard League for Penal Reform Canterbury NZ Incorporated $4,000.00
Halswell Community Project Incorporated $8,000.00
Strengthening Linwood Youth Trust $5,000.00
Perinatal Mental Health New Zealand $3,243.00
Volunteering Canterbury* $6,000.00
InsideOUT $4,000.00

*Organisation awarded multi-year funding, the amount listed is for 2019 only