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Pacific Development and Conservation Trust second funding round 2017/8 grants made

Name Amount Purpose
Micronesian Productions $10,000.00 To publish a book on the early leaders of the Federated States of Micronesia.
A Girl and Her World $3,000.00 To encourage an understanding of child protection, health and hygiene of girls in rural Fiji.
Societe d'Ornithologie de Polynesie $18,000.00 To manage the conservation of the endangered bird Pomarea Whitneyi in Fatu Hiva Island, French Polynesia.
Ecovet $12,500.00 To support the wildlife Conservation Unit to protect the unique bird/wildlife on Kirtimati Island, Kiribati.
Maraetotara Tree Trust $37,500.00 To plant native trees and plants in the Maratotara River.
Mt. Somers Walkways Society $3,380.00 To improve year round reliability of the toilets and water supply at the carpark of Miners Flat.
Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society $27,000.00 To relocate and re-establish a self-sustaining population of Kokako on Mt Pirongia.
Squawk Squad $25,000.00 To build 40 trapping systems in the Auckland Wildlife Sanctuary, Ark in the Park.
Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust $10,000.00 To develop the capacities of local communities to care for Aotearoa's waterways through education, riparian restoration and ambassador training activities.
Waikato Community Broadcasting Charitable Trust Free FM $5,000.00 To support two weekly talk shows on Free FM discussing Tama Niue and Na Voga Kei Viti culture.
Nawi Mabo $2,690.00 To provide Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning (RACHEL), a collection of educational websites 'rebuilt' for offline use in three selected communities in Papua New Guinea.
Falease'ela Environment Protection Society $25,000.00 To save the critically endangered Manumea bird from extinction on Upolu Island, Samoa.
Natuoivi Art Foundation $2,870.00 To support disadvantaged youth by providing life skills training in Port Vila, Vanuatu.
Belinda Roselli $21,048.00 Mamma's Laef - Washable Sanitary Pads and MHM education to Erromango Island
Cirikalia Urban Youth Club $25,000.00 Saqani Jetty
Corals for Conservation $8,000.00 Solar Power for Hatchery and Livelihoods Training Centre
East Taranaki Environment Trust $12,865.00 Purangi Kiwi and Kokako Project
KARORI SANCTUARY TRUST $11,977.00 Senior Ambassador's Programe
Lomaiviti Provincial Council $4,809.00 Fishing for a future: Community based fisheries management for food and income security
Morobe Development Foundation Inc $20,000.00 Kobo Village Water Supply
Ngwaelalida Community Group $23,323.00 Ngwaelalida Water Tank Project