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How do I support the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust?

There are several ways to support the Trust's work into the future:

  • encourage your colleagues, friends and whānau to apply for a fellowship 
  • donate to the Trust fund, to provide for more and better funded fellowships in the future
  • sponsor a fellowship or partner with the Trust to create a partnered fellowship.

How do I donate money to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust?

The Trust is requesting donations and bequests to bolster the fellowships that can be awarded each year. Your donation will help more and better funded Fellowships to be given. The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Act 1965 governs how the Trust receives and uses donations.

There are two funds you can donate to that support the Winston Churchill Fellowship programme:

  • the Capital Fund
  • the Fellows' Fellowship Fund.

What is the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Capital Fund?

The Capital Fund is invested to generate income but cannot be spent. Donations to the Trust’s capital fund increase the Trust’s income over time. Income earned from the Trust’s capital is the main source of funding for the Winston Churchill fellowships.

What is the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellows' Fellowship Fund?

Fellows and others can donate to the Fellows’ Fellowship fund, a special fund created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Trust. The Fellows’ Fellowship fund is an income-based fund to be used for fellowships from 2018. Donors to the Fellows’ Fellowship fund need to give express permission for their donation to be applied as income.

To contribute to this fund please specify “Fellows’ Fellowship Fund” and “Income” when making your donation. All other donations are directed to the Trust’s capital fund.

How do I donate to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust?

You can make a donation to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust via:

  • PayPal - you do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal to make a donation. PayPal allows you to use a credit or debit card to make a donation without a PayPal account: 
    Donate by PayPal now
  • Internet banking:
    Account name: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fund
    Account number: 02 0536 0342 025 00
  • In person - make a donation at any BNZ branch (in New Zealand only)

Donations over $5 are eligible for a tax deduction. If you have made a donation of more than $5 and would like to receive a donation receipt please email: