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Is there a Peace and Disarmament Education Trust annual report?

Copies of annual reports are available by email from:

What are the outcomes for the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust?

Funded projects and scholarships are expected to contribute to greater public awareness and understanding of disarmament, arms control, peace and the resolution of international conflict.

Grant decisions are based on the likelihood that a completed project, internship, pilot project or thesis will deliver the benefits or outcomes described in the online request.

What sort of projects does the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust fund?

  • Projects must be for charitable purposes and provide a public benefit.
  • There is no limit to the amount an individual or organisation may request in support of a project. Based on the number and quality of requests received, however, the Trust may only be able to provide a contribution towards the project costs.
  • Project costs may include salaries directly related to the project’s planning or delivery.

What sort of scholarships are available from the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust?

Requests for post-graduate scholarships should focus on research and thesis writing relevant to the objectives of the Trust and to building knowledge of, and capability relevant to, disarmament and arms control.

Scholarships are only available for:

  • Masters or Doctoral research and thesis writing
  • Masters or Doctoral degree studies undertaken at a New Zealand tertiary institution during the period for which the scholarship is sought, except if a specialist subject is not offered or available in New Zealand tertiary institutions.

Depending on individual circumstances:

  • up to NZ$14,000 is available for a full year’s work for a Masters research thesis scholarship
  • up to NZ$21,000, plus NZ$5000 tuition fees, is available per year for up to three years for a Doctoral thesis scholarship.