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What do I need to think about when planning to make a community internship request?

When planning a community internship request, think about:

  • why the internship is needed and what will be achieved
  • how the internship will improve the host organisation’s ability to do its work and make it stronger
  • the amount needed to pay the intern (this should be the same as their current salary)
  • ways to support the intern during the internship
  • what systems the host organisation has in place to manage an internship
  • how the host organisation will achieve the internship outcomes
  • the benefits and outcomes from the internship, even after it is over
  • ways to share knowledge after the internship is over.

There is no closing date for the Community Internship Programme.

Requests may be made at any time but please allow four to twelve weeks for your request to be reviewed, once all the required information has been received.