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What sort of one-off projects does Support for Volunteering fund?

To receive a grant, one-off projects must:

  • promote and support volunteering or māhī aroha
  • develop volunteering or māhī aroha skills and processes, and
  • help strengthen volunteering or māhī aroha within a community.

Grants may be made for one-off projects that:

  • promote information sharing and networking, and develop resources to support Māori, Pacific and ethnic volunteering. (This may include workshops for volunteer leaders to share their knowledge and ideas, or projects to develop resources for volunteers.)
  • meet cultural values and needs (including training for roles on marae), or develop the knowledge and skills of volunteers in new roles or responsibilities
  • encourage, recognise and promote volunteers as community leaders (such as projects to encourage youth volunteers as community leaders, or to recognise what volunteers do or have done).