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What do I need to provide when requesting a Rangitaiki River stopbank breach grant?

Organisations requesting grants need to show:

  • what you want funding for, including how you intend to use the amount requested to support people in the community affected and their immediate community needs
  • how you will address these needs
  • what benefits or outcomes will result from your activities, project or services
  • how you will know that you’ve achieved these benefits or outcomes
  • the total amount you are requesting.

Organisations requesting grants need to provide their most recent annual accounts, financial statements or performance report unless this information is already available to us online.

For Lottery relief funds only:

  • organisations that are not legal entities may request grants of more than $10,000
  • there is no limit to the number of grant requests an organisation can make. (This includes organisations that have received a lottery grant since July 2016, as the usual restriction of only one lottery grant per year does not apply to this fund)
  • a separate budget is not required. In response to the first question on the request form, organisations need to show how it will use the grant requested.