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Who allocates the grant money for the Rangitaiki River Stopbank Breach Recovery Fund?

A subcommittee of the Lottery Bay of Plenty/Gisborne Community Committee allocates the Fund.

Its funding outcomes are that the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of people living within the affected areas is improved. The community benefits must be of a public rather than a personal nature.

Requests for grants are more likely to be funded if the benefits or outcomes for people in the affected communities, hapū or iwi are clearly shown. This includes requests for capital works grants up to $30,000 for the recovery of community facilities.

What is the LGB outcomes approach?

The Lottery Grants Board aims to maximise the community benefits of lottery grants by focusing grant decision making on outcomes.

Outcomes are all the changes, benefits, learning and effects that happen – or start to happen – as a result of activities, projects or services in communities.

The Board’s key funding objectives and request criteria are designed to ensure that lottery grants will contribute towards its vision of New Zealanders building strong sustainable communities together.