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What documents do I need to send with our COGS request?

Required Documentation

All COGS grant requests must include a budget.

A budget must include:

  • A start and end date for the period covered by the budget 
  • All anticipated and confirmed income and your expected expenses. 

If your request is approved, you may use the grant for any costs listed in your budget, except for: 

  • any item that is not eligible 
  • any cost that is excluded when the grant is approved.

There is more detailed information about budgets here.

The only supporting document required for a COGS grant request is a budget, and that your organisation meets financial reporting requirements. Information about these can be found here.  Your grant request will be considered incomplete if you don’t provide this information by the closing date for the funding round, and will not be considered for funding.

Organisations also need to check that the information on your community organisation profile is up-to-date at the time you submit your grant request.