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What further information on multi-year funding for Outdoor Safety may I need?

What other information do I need to know about Lottery Outdoor Safety Fund multi-year funding?

  • You will need to provide standard Fund supporting documentation. This includes a one-year budget with a start and end date (dd/mm/yy).
  • If you have a multi-year grant in place for this Fund, no other applications can be made to the Committee for a single or multi-year grant during that three-year period.
  • You have 12 months to report on the first payment of the multi-year grant.
  • Any future payments of your multi-year grant are dependent on you completing a satisfactory annual results report and providing another one-year budget for the year ahead.
  • If you need to vary the terms and conditions of your grant at any point you need to contact the Fund advisor.

Please note:

  • On the request form you will be asked to specifiy that you want multi-year (three-year) funding and provide the amount sought for the first year. 
  • The Committee will award multi-year grants as a set percentage of the Fund's total annual funding allocation for a term of three years. 
  • Multi-year grant recipients will know the percentage they are awarded at the beginning of the three-year period and know the exact dollar amount they will receive around late July of each year.
  • Any future multi-year grant payments are dependent on future Lottery Grants Board funding being available.
  • The Committee can decide to fully fund, partially fund or decline an application and fund only one year of a multi-year funding request.