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What happens if our Community or hapū is selected as a partner?

If your community or hapū is selected to participate in the Community-led Development Programme, you will be invited to enter into a long-term (2-5 year) partnership agreement with the Department. 

We will begin developing our partnership by developing a partnership agreement together. This partnership agreement may include:

  • a shared commitment to follow community-led development principles and work as partners
  • details of the assets and strengths the community, or hapū will bring to the partnership
  • details of the intensive support the Department will provide
  • details about the ability to request funding investment on a flexible basis to help you achieve your locally owned visions and goals
  • a commitment to provide training for the community, hapū, leadership group and other key people, such as any workers
  • the agreed process to track progress and identify the outcomes achieved
  • the agreed process for managing any disputes that might arise.

A partnership agreement will usually be for five years. Once it has been agreed, we will begin to work alongside you, providing advice and support as agreed. You will also then be able to submit requests for funding investment in support of your community or hapū goals.