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What does the Youth Worker Training Scheme not fund?

The Youth Worker Training Scheme does not fund:

  • requests made through organisations that do not employ youth workers 
  • long-term courses of study at universities or polytechnics (e.g. a degree or a diploma) 
  • overseas travel (e.g. to a conference) 
  • retrospective requests for training that has already occurred 
  • supervision 
  • training that does not increase the quality of youth work practices
  • training that promotes religious, political or commercial objectives, including: 
    • commercial enterprises (e.g. private training organisations, or for-profit initiatives)
    • courses with religious content (e.g. religious studies) 
    • employment or business initiatives (e.g. general work-start programmes) 
    • political advocacy projects (e.g. lobbying events for political groups).


      • requests can be made by religious-based organisations, but not for religious-based training.
      • this Scheme is for youth workers and is not intended for training providers to deliver youth work training programmes.
      • there are other grant opportunities that may suit your organisation’s purpose, or Generosity New Zealand may help you find funding better suited to your organisation’s purpose.