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What if my organisation is new?

If your organisation has existed for less than 18 months before a funding round closes, you may not be able to meet the financial information requirements but may still be eligible to request a grant.

Please provide your most recent statement of financial performance. This statement should be for a date no more than 3 months before the closing date for the funding round.

Do I need to upload our most recent financial statements?

If the financial information for your organisation on the Charities Services website, the Companies Office website or on your profile is more than 18 months old* when you submit a grant request, you need to provide a full set of financial statements (approved by your governance group) for your most recent financial year. These must be uploaded to your organisation profile.

The grant request will be considered incomplete if you don’t provide this information by the closing date for the funding round, and will not be considered for funding.

* Note: here, 18 months means 6 months or more after the end of the last financial year.