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How much money is available for Lottery grants this year?

$289 million of Lottery profits is available in 2018/19 to help build stronger, more cohesive communities, with over $174 million to flow into the community through the Lottery Committees. 

The full 2018/19 Lottery grants allocations are here

What Lottery grants have been made in the past?

Demand for Lottery funding remains high. Information on each Lottery Committee and the grants made is available:

Lottery Community:
Disaster Relief:
Lottery Heritage and Facilities
Lottery Research
Other Lottery Funds

For information about past demand on each fund, average grant size and number of requests made to each Lottery committee, see the Lottery Grants Board's Annual Report.

The Lottery Grants Board Annual Report is availiable from the New Zealand Parliamant website.  Here is a link to the most recent Lottery Grants Board Annual Report and earlier Annual Reports.