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Requesting a grant

The demand for grants is usually much higher than the amount of money available for each funding round. It can be more than three times as much.

Your grant request is more likely to be successful if you check:

  • the grants that are available and which would be best for what you want to achieve
  • what is needed or may have changed, especially if you regularly request the same type of grant
  • whether you are ready to request a grant. 

It is important to make sure your profile is up to date and your grant request is complete when you submit it. This includes providing or uploading any supporting documents that are required on or before the closing date.

Requirements for a grant request

To request a grant for yourself, or for an organisation or another person, you must:

  • be aged 18 or over
  • have the right to act and/or to sign for the organisation or person you represent
  • not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • show you do not have or know of any conflict of interest with the grant request.

Note: A person asking for a Lottery Individuals with Disabilities or a Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust grant must be aged 18 or over, but may be representing a younger person who will benefit from the grant.

Requirements for community organisations:

An organisation must have:

  • two people with the right to sign all of the organisation’s bank accounts
  • a current cashbook or electronic version that is regularly updated
  • a record for tracking grants from different funding sources
  • a person responsible for keeping the organisation’s financial records
  • up-to-date tax records (if applicable)
  • regular financial reporting to every full meeting of the governing body
  • submitted any reports due for previously approved grants
  • an up-to-date organisation profile in our online system
  • an official bank document showing your organisation’s bank account details (this could be a bank statement, printed deposit slip or bank letter confirming the account name and number)
  • if the profile secretary has changed since November 2014, a document or meeting minute confirming who now has the right to act as a profile secretary for the organisation and its records in our online system.

 When requesting a grant request for an organisation, you will be asked to:

  • describe what you want funding for
  • say what the expected benefits or outcomes will be if a grant is made
  • provide a budget as a supporting document
  • either accept the grant’s terms and conditions , or identify two people who can approve an online grant agreement for your organisation (this will depend on the type of grant you are requesting).

Requirements for individuals

To request or accept a grant or fellowship, you must:

  • meet any citizenship or residency requirements 
  • have completed any reporting requirements for previously approved grants or fellowships
  • have a bank account for the grant to be paid into.

To request a grant as an individual, you will be asked to:

  • describe what you want the funding for
  • describe the benefits or outcomes you hope to achieve
  • describe how you will know or measure what you’ve achieved
  • provide a budget

You may need to meet other requirements or provide extra documents. This will depend on the type of grant you are requesting. Check to make sure you have met all of the requirements before you submit your grant request. If anything is missing, your request may not be considered for a grant.


  • Before you login to create a request, check that you meet all the requirements for the type of grant, including any recent changes.
  • To make a grant request online, you need an up-to-date individual or organisation profile . (You may need to create a RealMe login to access our online system and set up a profile or profiles.)
  • Make sure any reporting for previous grants has been completed.

All of our grant funding

Supporting documents requirements for organisations

You can login and check the status of your grant request at any time after it has been submitted.

View of the link sidebar in the Fluxx online grants management system.


  Click on the Fluxx logo to refresh the screen.


  If you represent more than one organisation, select the one you want from the list at the top of the menu.


 To request a grant, select Create a Request and choose the type of grant you want to request from the options listed. You will only be able to create a request if the funding round for the grant scheme is open.


 Go to Requests and select Saved Drafts to see any requests you need to finish. You can edit and save a request before submitting it.


 If your request has been submitted, it will move from Saved Drafts to Pending Review. You can’t edit or change your request when it is in Pending Review. We check each request to see if it is complete and fits with the fund's purpose, outcomes and requirements.


 Sometimes we send a request back to you for more information. If this happens, we will email you or your organisation, and you will find the request in Pending Response. You can edit it or add supporting documents. The request must be resubmitted by the closing date. It will return to Pending Review.


 We will email you or your organisation if a grant is made, and your request will move to Approved.


  We will email you or your organisation if you need to accept an online agreement or special conditions for your grant. Your can review the agreement or conditions in Pending Acceptance, and can accept or ask to negotiate on the details. (Note: You cannot negotiate on the amount offered.)


 We will email you or your organisation if your request is not funded. The request will move to Declined.


 If you do not accept a grant offer, it may expire and your request will move to Expired. The grant can then be offered to another organisation.


  If you decide to withdraw a request, it will move to Withdrawn.

How to acknowledge a grant

Your organisation must:

  • show in its publicity materials (such as event programmes) that it has received the funding support
  • record the funding in its annual accounts or performance reports.

Note: We may use information about any grant in our publicity material (except for grants made by the Lottery Individuals with Disabilities Committee or the Viet Nam Veterans and Their Families Trust).

Your information

You can review and update your personal information in our online system at any time.

Other information about the request or grant may sometimes be released under the Official Information Act. After 10 years, grant and request records are moved to the National Archives and are available to the public.

By making a grant request, an individual or organisation agrees that the Department of Internal Affairs may provide or get information needed about the applicant from any other government department or agency, private person or organisation. We will only do this under the principles of the Privacy Act 1993.

You can ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you and ask to have it corrected if you think it’s wrong. To do this, email or write to the Privacy Officer at PO Box 805, Wellington 6140.