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How to login

Anyone using our online system needs to have a RealMe® login.

A RealMe login is a secure way to prove who you are when you’re online. When you use your RealMe login, we know that we are dealing with you rather than someone else. You can use the same RealMe login for many New Zealand government online services.

You can set up a RealMe login when you use our online system for the first time. All you need is a username and password.

If you already have a RealMe login, you won’t need to create a new one. Just enter your RealMe user name and password, and login when you are ready to start. (Go to: Getting started in our online system)

For our online system, you only need one username and password, even if you represent more than one organisation or group, or your community or someone who can’t act for themselves.

Types of RealMe® login

There is a “basic” RealMe login and a more secure RealMe “verified” account.

We use the basic RealMe login, but RealMe verified may suit you better if you want to do a range of things online with New Zealand government and other online services. Watch this video to learn more about the two types of RealMe login.

There is an option to: Create your RealMe® login now when you login to our system.

Creating a RealMe® login

When you go to our online system, there is an option to Create your RealMe® login now.
You will be asked to follow these steps:

  1. Provide an email address that only you use – for example: your.personal@email.address
    (Don’t use an organisation’s email address or the email address for your job, such as or A RealMe login is designed to prove that you are you, and if someone else has used the same email address to set up a RealMe login, you will not know the answers to steps 2 - 7 below). 
  2. Enter a username for yourself that you will remember, such as “reallypenny”
  3. Enter a password that you’ll remember. Your password needs to be at least 7 characters long and use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols, such as “GSTis15%”.
  4. Enter your mobile number. (If your need to reset your password, RealMe uses your mobile number to help confirm the person making the change is really you.)
  5. Provide answers to three questions. The RealMe team uses these answers to check that you are you if you have to reset your password. These are examples of the questions:
    - What is the middle name of your eldest child?
    - What was the name of the first company you worked for? 
  6. You can set up a secret 5-digit pin number instead, if you’d like to be able to reset your password online.
  7. You will also be asked to accept the RealMe® terms of use, which you can read here before you start.

Getting started in our online system

You can use the online system to request a grant for yourself, for someone else, or for an organisation you represent. You can also request a partnership through the Community-Led Development Programme.

To make a request, you need to have a profile in our online system. Your profile gives you access to everything you may need to use in the system.

Creating a profile as an individual

If you don't already have one, you need to set up a profile in the online system so we can contact you. If you are requesting an individual grant or fellowship, you only need to have an individual profile.

Note: An individual profile may have been created for you if you represent an organisation that already has a profile in our online system.

Creating a profile for a community

To begin, you will be asked if you are creating a profile as an individual or for an organisation. If you select “an organisation”, you will then have the option to select Community to create a profile for your community, hapū or iwi.

A community profile tells us who we can contact in your community, hapū or iwi about the planning or progress of a community-led development project.

Creating an organisation profile

First, check whether your organisation already has a profile in our online system. You can be linked to this profile by someone from your organisation who has “profile secretary” access, or you can contact us. We will send you an email with a link to our online system.

If your organisation does not already have a profile, you can create one after you login. Note: An individual profile will be set up for you at the same time.

An organisation profile has:

  • legal entity information.
    If your organisation is registered as an incorporated society or charitable trust, enter the incorporation number and the legal entity details are automatically drawn into the profile from the Companies Office.
    (Do not enter a charities registration number in this section.)
  • charities registration information.
    If your organisation is a registered charity, enter the charities registration number and information will be automatically drawn from the Charities register to complete other sections of your organisation profile.
  • your organisation’s kaupapa or purpose.
  • contact details for you and the organisation (if this information has not been automatically completed from the other online systems your organisation is registered with.)

When you submit your request to create a profile, our team will complete the connection and send you an email inviting you to log back in.


  • You can use your profile for future grant requests, so you don’t need a new profile each time.
  • Even if an organisation’s profile secretary created your individual profile in our online system, you can edit your personal profile when you login.
  • If you set up a new organisation profile, we will connect you as the profile secretary and you will be able to access and edit the organisation profile. However, before you submit any grant requests, you will need to provide a signed minute or document from your organisation that shows you have the right to be the profile secretary.
  • If you want to set up profiles for other organisations, contact us for help.

Tips for working in the new system:

  • To refresh the screen, click on the Fluxx logo (top left-hand corner).
  • You must fill in any fields that are in bold text.
  • Save your work often.
  • If you represent more than one organisation, use the drop-down box under the Fluxx logo to select the one you need.
  • Make sure you create a profile for yourself or an organisation well before the closing date for grant requests.
  • We do not recommend starting a grant request on the closing date.

What is a profile secretary?

 A profile secretary is a person who has the right to manage an organisation’s profile in our online system. A profile secretary can use the system to:

  • set up or edit an organisation's profile
  • update an organisation's profile and any supporting documents
  • add people who can ask for grants for the organisation
  • add people who can sign grant agreements or accept terms and conditions online
  • add key documents, such as bank verification records
  • make grant or service requests for the organisation, or let others to do this
  • complete online reports and provide supporting documents.

Learn more about the role of the Profile Secretary (.pdf) 1.2MB

This document is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe website.

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