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What happens if a grant or scholarship is awardedPeace and Disarmament Education Trust

If the Trust offers a grant or scholarship, you will be advised by email and invited to login and review an online agreement.

The agreement will include full details of any reporting requirements for your grant or scholarship and any special conditions for your grant or scholarship.

You may accept the agreement online, or contact us if you want to discuss or negotiate on the reporting requirements or any special conditions. The amount offered is, however, not negotiable.

All reporting is designed to be submitted online, supported by any required information. This includes any progress or final reporting on project income and expenditure in relation to the budget submitted with the grant request.

Those receiving a scholarship grant are required to submit a copy of the completed MA or PhD.  The thesis supervisor is required to submit a report 12 months after the grant is uplifted, on completion of the MA or PhD, and at other times if requested by the Trust. 

Acknowledging support from the Trust

Organisations receiving grants must acknowledge the financial support given by the Trust in all relevant publicity material, publications, annual reports and similar documents.

Your information

You may review and update your personal information in our online system at any time.

People requesting or receiving grants may access and amend information held in the new online system, including tracking the progress of requests that have been submitted. Once a request or report is submitted or an online agreement is accepted, these online records cannot be amended or edited.

All recipients of grants or scholarships are published on this website.

Information about your request or grant may be released, if required, under the Official Information Act 1982.

To view any personal information held by the Department of Internal Affairs, or raise a concern about personal information that it holds, please write to:

The Privacy Officer
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140

After 10 years, all records will be transferred to Archives New Zealand, where they will be available to members of the public.

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