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Partnership funding, feasibility studies and land

Partnership funding

Partnership funding means any funding and assets you already have available for your project.

Requests made to the Lottery Significant Projects Fund, or these Committees for project grants will only be funded if you can show that you already have one-third of the total project costs available:

Partnership funding may include:

  • cash donations you’ve received
  • confirmed sponsorship amounts
  • grants made towards your project by others (apart from any Lottery grants)
  • funds your organisation has already raised and tagged for your project, including loans
  • evidence of what you have spent on or invested in project related work, such as the cost of securing resource consent (if paid for within two years of requesting the grant)
  • the value of any land owned or acquired for the project, provided that:
    • the land is specifically for the project
    • you provide a current certificate of title
    • you provide a certificate from a registered valuer or a record of the rateable value.
  • Note: The following are not seen as partnership funding contributions:
    • the value of any debt secured against the land at the request date
    • previous Lottery grants
    • unconfirmed or promised funds, including pledges and debentures you have not received
    • offers to donate labour or materials
    • the value of donated goods and services
    • the value of any voluntary labour
    • the value of any discounts.

Land ownership

Requests to these Committees for project grants will only be granted if your organisation owns the land, or can show that the legal owner supports the project and will continue to provide public access:

If your project involves a site, building, facility or structure, please provide:

      • a current certificate of title or equivalent evidence of ownership, or
      • evidence of support for the project from the legal owner, and
      • proof that the general public will have access over time.

For Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities requests, you need to provide:

      • evidence that the land is a marae reserve or legally defined as a marae.

Feasibility studies

Requests to the Lottery Significant Projects Fund, or to these Committees for project grants of $250,000 or more must provide a study that shows whether the project is feasible:

The expert or organisation that prepares a feasibility study must have the right qualifications and expert knowledge in the areas of not-for-profit governance, business planning, project management or financial analysis. 

Feasibility studies should show good project planning, a technical and financial assessment of whether a project is viable and practical and achieveable. Studies need to state whether the project is likely to achieve its intended benefits and outcomes, and provide results that will last a long time.

Feasibility study instructions

The feasibility study needs to include:

      • the size and scale of the project
      • a discussion of the current situation and what's needed
      • options to deal with existing problems
      • comments on risks and benefits of each option
      • comments on the best option or options
      • an outline for the planned approach
      • an assessment of the group's ability to deliver the project and the results over time.

Requesting a feasibility study grant

If requesting a grant for a feasibility study, your organisation needs to have already prepared the instructions for the writer of the feasibility study. You must send a copy of these instructions with your grant request.

      • Quotes for a feasibility study must be based on these instructions.
      • A grant will not be made if the feasibility study instructions are prepared by the person or organisation that will do the feasibility study.

To find out about the costs that are not covered by grants for plans, studies and reports, please follow one of the links below:

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If you have any questions, contact us on 0800 824 824 to discuss what you are planning with a Community Advisor.