Helping New Zealand build strong communities


Outcomes-focused decision making

The Lottery Grants Board aims to maximise the community benefits of Lottery grants by focusing grant decision making on outcomes.

The Board has developed a set of key funding objectives and application criteria to ensure that Lottery grants will contribute towards its vision of New Zealanders building strong sustainable communities together.

What does this mean for applicants?

Lottery distribution committees will consider how well an application meets the committee’s own funding priorities, the Board’s key application criteria and funding objectives, and the extent to which the applicant is responding to community need.

Lottery distribution committees will also consider the application’s benefits to the community, the feasibility of the proposed project or service, and the ability of the applicant to deliver the project or service.

Key application criteria

Applications must align to at least one of the following criteria and the relevant Lottery distribution committee’s own funding priorities.

  • Enhance capability and increase capacity amongst applicants and the community
  • Mitigate community organisation funding gaps
  • Have regards to the needs and aspirations of Māori
  • Consider needs of older people, Pacific people and other ethnic communities, women and youth, people with disabilities.

Key funding objectives

Applications also need to contribute to at least one of the following key funding objectives.

  • Support volunteers
  • Enable people to help themselves
  • Promote community wellbeing and address disadvantage
  • Promote community participation, inclusion and identity.

Behaviour of applicants

Applicants will need to demonstrate the following behaviours.

  • Applicants focus on achieving their own outcomes
  • Applicants work together with others to achieve common community outcomes
  • Applicants are responsive to the communities they serve.