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Submitting an expression of interest can help you to find out if this is the right fund for your project.

An expression of interest is optional – you may request a grant without submitting an expression of interest.

However, if your planned project is not for a community purpose, will not meet the fund’s requirements or is not something that will be funded, the expression of interest process can save you a lot of time.

The expression of interest form is completed online, and is much shorter and less detailed than the form to request a grant. You do not need to provide any supporting documents about your project.

When you submit an expression of interest, our team will review your project, its scope and the outcomes or benefits you want to achieve.  We provide you with feedback within 10 working days.

Expressions of interest can be submitted online from Wednesday, 12 October to Wednesday, 9 November 2016. Requests for grants may not be submitted until the funding round opens in 2017.  This will give you time to consider the feedback from your expression of interest and to deal with any problems or gaps identified with what you are proposing.

We may also advise you that another of our funds would be more suitable for your project, or that your project is not ready for you to request a grant at this stage. 


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