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The subcommittee for the Lottery Hurunui Kaikoura Marlborough Earthquake Relief Fund has awarded the following grants:

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August 2017




Waiau Rugby Club


For costs to host a community event

Hurunui District Council


For professional services to assess the restoration requirements for the   earthquake damaged historic cob cottage museum in Waiau

Amuri A&P Association


To   repair earthquake damage to the showground facilities

Te Runanga O Nga Maata Waka


For   wages and support costs for a Whanau Ora Resilience Navigator  in Hurunui to support people through   earthquake recovery

Cheviot Promotions Inc.


Salary and administration costs for the Cheviot Promotions Support Worker and   project costs for community events

Cheviot Promotions Inc.


To   upgrade the Cheviot community website to make community information more   accessible

Awatere   Early Learning Centre Inc.


For   the additional costs of employing relieving teachers in order to keep the   centre open for families post-earthquake

North   Canterbury Sport and Recreation Trust


To   provide free learn to swim lessons at all schools in Kaikoura to reduce the   financial hardship for families post-earthquake

Kaikoura   Information and Tourism Inc.


For   street decorations and lighting for community events to help improve   community pride and sense of wellbeing

Hurunui District Council


For 2 recreational events for youth in Hurunui

Kaikoura Bridge   Club Inc.


To purchase equipment to make it easier for elderly members to play bridge and participate at their re-located premises

Kaikoura Boating Club Inc.


For repairs to an earthquake damaged slipway to enable safe boat launching,   including for emergency services

Royal New Zealand Plunket Society Inc.


To replace earthquake damaged windows in the Culverden Plunket Rooms, and to provide a new building for the toy library and kindy gym in Seddon following   the closure of their shared Plunket premises due to earthquake damage

Hurunui District Council


For repairs to the earthquake damaged Waiau Hall which operates as a community  hub and library

Cheviot Promotions Inc.


To hire community buses to bring people from earthquake affected areas to the   Cheviot Spring Festival

Presbyterian Support (Upper South Island)


For salary and support costs for a Social Worker to support earthquake recovery   and wellbeing in the Hurunui region

Hurunui District Council


To   employ a part-time school based Youth Worker as part of the Hurunui   Earthquake Community Team

Waiau Tennis Club


To repair the earthquake damaged water supply to the clubrooms

Kaikoura Te Ahikaaroa Netball Club


For bus hire to attend the annual South Island Maori Netball Tournament. The   ability of members to fundraise has been negatively impacted by the earthquake.

Hurunui District Council


For repairs to the earthquake damaged Scargill Squash Courts


Waiau Citizens’   Association


To upgrade the kitchen facilities in the community hall to improve health and   safety for users. The hall has become a community hub and recovery centre   following the earthquake.

Kaikoura Squash   Racquets Club Inc.


To   assist with costs in recognition of costs incurred due to the earthquake

Hurunui   District Council


For   earthquake repairs to the Cheviot Rugby Clubrooms which are used by the wider   community

Seddon School


To   subsidise the cost of school camps due to the reduced ability to fundraise   and increased camp and travel costs since the earthquake

Hurunui   District Council


To employ   a part-time Hurunui District Promoter within the Hurunui Earthquake Community   Team to assist with community events and promotions

Awatere   Community Trust


To   provide earthquake support and recovery programmes for people in Seddon

Kaikoura Te   Ahikaaroa Netball Club


For   registration fees to attend the annual South Island Maori Netball Tournament.   The ability of members to fundraise has been negatively impacted by the   earthquake.

July 2017




The Kaikoura Education Trust


For workshops on community-led development to support community-led recovery and resilience.

Kaikoura District Council


For a Recovery Administrator to support the Kaikoura Recovery Team’s Outreach and   other recovery programmes over 12 months.

Marlborough District Council


For a Project Manager to work with communities to develop a new Coastal Pacific Bike and Walk Trail to support economic recovery.

Kaikoura District Council


For cameras to increase safety and security in the main street.

Kaikoura High School


For student-led activity clubs to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.

Kaikoura Aero Club Inc.


To improve the Clarence airstrip for use in a wider range of weather conditions. With the Clarence to Kaikoura road closure, flying is the best option for residents to connect with the nearest towns and services.

Hurunui District Council


To provide a Quake Escape weekend camp for young people from Hurunui and Kaikoura to improve their wellbeing.

Hurunui District Council


For earthquake repairs to the Scargill Cricket Pavilion.

Hurunui District Council


For earthquake repairs to the Cheviot Rugby grounds shower block.

Kaikoura Cycling Club Incorporated


To repair and extend the local cycle track in Kaikoura.

Hurunui District Council


For repairs to the Spotswood Community Hall so the community can use it.

Amuri Historical   Society Inc.


To insulate the relocated museum, following the loss of the previous museum building.

Hurunui District Council


To commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake with a series of events and story boards.

Waiau Citizens   Association


For the Waiau Community Hall kitchen upgrade to support increased use for community activities.

June 2017




Kaikoura District Council


For operational costs of the Kaikoura Outreach Co-ordination Service, including   volunteer costs.

Royal New Zealand Plunket Society   Incorporated


For EQ epairs to the Culverden Plunket rooms and improvements to the Waiau Plunket rooms to enable them to be shared by other groups that lost their buildings in the earthquake.

Te Whare Putea Charitable   Trust


To continue a project that was funded previously to repair people’s earthquake   damaged gardens to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.

Kaikoura Information and Tourism Inc


To provide a community family concert to commemorate the first anniversary of the November 2016 earthquake.

Waiau Playcentre


For new equipment and storage facilities for the Playcentre which lost its building in the earthquake and has re-located to a shared venue.

Cheviot Craft Centre


To   remove EQ damaged fireplaces and install a new log fire to improve health and safety for users of this community facility.

Kaikoura Community Vehicle Trust Board


For wages of a Co-ordinator for the community vehicle service which has seen   significant increase in use since the earthquakes and is no longer able to be   run on a completely voluntary basis.

Waiau Community Fireworks


For a community fireworks and entertainment event to contribute to community   wellbeing and connections.

Havelock Vision 2020 Charitable Trust


To provide a recreational outing for EQ impacted residents of Seddon, Ward and   Kekerengu to support their wellbeing and increase community connections.

Waiau Rugby Club


For EQ repairs to the Waiau Rugby Club rooms to improve health and safety for users.

Hurunui District Council


For a community event for farmers in rural North Canterbury to support EQ recovery and wellbeing.

Te Whare O Manaaki Tangata Charitable   Trust


Contribution to the costs of a Matariki fashion show and competition in Kaikoura to improve community connections and wellbeing.

Hurunui District Council


To provide free events training for community groups in Hurunui and Kaikoura to support them to organise their own events to improve community wellbeing.

Waiau Citizens’ Association


For a feasibility study for EQ related repairs and upgrade to the Waiau Community Hall.

Kaikoura District Council


For   wages and travel costs for a Project Manager and Building Inspector for the   Winter Warmer project to assess and provide urgent temporary repairs to EQ   damaged homes.

Hurunui District Council


Wages   for a Recovery Team Project Co-ordinator and Winter Warmer Project   Co-ordinator to support EQ recovery and wellbeing.

Hurunui District Council


For   wages and related costs for a Recovery Team Administrator to support EQ   recovery and wellbeing.

Kaikoura   High School


For a   range of school-related trips and camps.

May 2017




Seddon School


To   replace the school’s entrance signs that were damaged in the earthquake. Other community services have had to re-locate to the school due to the earthquake and the new signage needs to include them.

Kaikoura District Council


To run programmes and purchase resources for the new Kaikoura Library, which is an important community resource and gathering place. The grant will contribute   to community wellbeing.

Hurunui District Council


For repairs to the earthquake damaged community hall in Rotheram. The hall is a key gathering place for this rural community.

Amuri Historical Society Inc


For a mural on the Waiau Village Green. The mural will provide a focal point and help to improve people’s sense of positivity during this period of earthquake recovery.

Kaikoura Community Theatre Inc


To purchase portable movie equipment and provide movie evenings for the Kaikoura community. The town’s only movie theatre was destroyed by the earthquake.

Kaikoura Information and Tourism Inc


To create a website to promote a wide range of community events in Kaikoura. The website will make events and information more accessible to the whole community and help to improve wellbeing.

Ward   School Board of Trustees


To subsidise costs for a school trip to Wellington. The earthquake has reduced the ability of the school to fundraise the full cost from the local   community.

Marlborough   District Council


To collect and analyse data on the status of homes and families in the   earthquake-affected Southern Marlborough area. The project involves visiting each home and the information collected will be used for planning and prioritising work.

Kaikoura   Information and Tourism Inc


For a series of community events to help improve community connections and reduce stress post-earthquake.

Kaikoura High School


To purchase survival kits for each classroom for use in any future adverse events.                    

Kaikoura Community Gym Inc


For the purchase of new equipment to cater for increased use of the gym after the earthquake. Social interactions and physical exercise help to reduce earthquake related stress.

Top of the South Rural Support Trust


To provide an information and social event for farmers in the Kekerengu and Ward   areas about the impact of the earthquake on their land. Scientists from GNS   and Victoria University presented their findings.

Boat Harbour Boat Club Inc


To remove rocks from the end of the public boat ramp at Goose Bay to enable the   safe launch of boats, including search and rescue boats. A drop in sea levels   caused by the earthquake has exposed many rocks along the Kaikoura coastline.

Hurunui District Council


For repairs to an historic cob cottage in Rotheram that was damaged by the earthquake.

Kaikoura High School


To purchase a satellite phone for communication in case of emergencies during school trips. The closure of SH1 means that the inland road is the only option for travel out of Kaikoura and there is no or poor cellphone coverage on much of this route.

Kaikoura Primary School


To   build a bike and scooter track that will be available to the wider community. The physical exercise of using the track will help to reduce stress amongst students.

Waiau Citizens’   Association


To   install a heat pump in the library, which is an important social gathering place for the Waiau community post earthquake.