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Lottery Hurunui Kaikoura Marlborough Earthquake Relief Fund

A special fund has been set up to help those in the Hurunui, Kaikoura or Marlborough districts affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 14 November 2016 and aftershocks. The fund is for grants to organisations helping to improve the wellbeing of people living in the affected communities.

Profit from the special-purpose Lotto draw on 10 December 2016 - $2.7 million – has been allocated to this fund to help meet the immediate and short-term needs of communities, hapū and iwi.

Grant requests may be made online from 9 January 2017.

There is no closing date for this Fund. It will remain open until the total amount available has been allocated.

Funding for outcomes

A sub-committee of the Lottery Canterbury/Kaikoura Community Committee has been established to allocate the Lottery Hurunui Kaikoura Marlborough Earthquake Relief Fund.  The subcommittee will meet each fortnight from 23 January 2017 until all of the funding has been allocated. Its funding priorities are:

  • the physical and emotional wellbeing of people living within the affected areas
  • capital works up to $30,000 required for wellbeing and health and safety. 

Requests for grants are more likely to be funded if the benefits or outcomes for people in the affected communities, hapū or iwi are clearly shown. Follow this link for more information on the Lottery Grants Board’s approach to funding for outcomes.

Who may request grants

Only not-for-profit organisations providing earthquake relief activities and services to people in the Hurunui, Kaikoura and Marlborough districts may request grants from this fund.

For this fund only:

  • organisations that are not legal entities may request grants of more than $10,000
  • there is no limit to the number of grant requests an organisation can make. (This includes organisations that have received a lottery grant since July 2016, as the usual restriction of only one lottery grant per year does not apply to this fund)
  • organisations requesting grants do not need to provide their most recent annual accounts, financial statements or performance report
  • a separate budget is not required. In response to the first question on the request form, organisations need to show how it will use the grant requested.

Organisations requesting grants will need to show:

  • what you want funding for, including how you intend to use the amount requested to support earthquake relief activities
  • the immediate community needs you propose to meet
  • how you will address these needs
  • what benefits or outcomes will result from your activities or services
  • how you will know that you’ve achieved these benefits or outcomes
  • the total amount you are requesting.

What we will not fund

Lottery grants may not be used for any of the following activities:

  • projects intended to make profits or gain for a person or organisation, unless any profit or gain is incidental (not the project’s main purpose)
  • commercial, political and/or religious activities, including employment and/or business projects, commercial businesses, political advocacy or projects that seek to change legislation
  • fundraising activities and projects for raising funds, or for training or employing fundraisers
  • repaying or servicing debt
  • refinancing loans, deposits or underwriting projects
  • projects that pass on funding to others
  • overseas aid or disaster relief
  • services for alcohol and drug treatment, education and support
  • medical expenses, operations, treatments or projects to buy major items of health equipment
  • capital investments or trust funds
  • projects that have been finished or costs that arose before the closing date for funding requests.

The subcommittee will not fund:

  • multi-year grant requests
  • individuals
  • research, including: large scale research plans, feasibility studies for capital projects and health research
  • capital works over $30,000, including project management fees
  • purchase of food for food banks
  • alcohol and similar substances, for example kava
  • requests that fit the priorities for the Lottery Minister’s Discretionary Fund, which include:
    • volunteer fire-fighting services, 
    • overseas travel,
    • animal welfare, and
    • financial and governance training.

Follow this link for information on how to login

Grants made

 The subcommittee for the Lottery Hurunui Kaikoura Marlborough Earthquake Relief Fund has awarded the following grants:

February 2017




Barnardos New Zealand Incorporated


For additional social work support to earthquake impacted   families in the Hurunui District. The grant will support the emotional   wellbeing of families.

Waiau Tennis Club



To repair earthquake damaged outdoor areas, including the   children’s play area. The grant will improve health and safety for facility   users and improve wellbeing through recreation.

Kaikoura Rugby Football Club



To provide transport for six teams to participate in games   relocated to Canterbury. The club used to travel to Marlborough but now must   travel further to Canterbury due to closure of the earthquake damaged main road   north. The grant will enable club members and supporters to continue   participating in their sporting activities.

Kaikoura Information and Tourism Incorporated


To provide four community events, contributing to community   connectedness, participation and wellbeing.

Crossroads (Marlborough) Charitable Trust



To repair and improve the Ward Hall outdoor play area which is   used by the local playgroup and others. The grant will contribute to the   physical and emotional wellbeing of the Ward community.

The Kaikoura Education Trust



For a new community hub and a wellbeing promotional campaign.   The hub has been identified by the Kaikoura Recovery Plan as a key project to   aid community recovery and wellbeing, with the grant contributing to   operational as well as project costs.

Kaikoura Volunteer Fire Brigade



To provide workshops for all volunteer fire brigade members who   were part of the Kaikoura Civil Defence response to the November earthquake,   including many from outside the district. Sharing experiences and what was   learnt from the earthquake response will enable volunteers to deal   successfully with future events. The grant will contribute to improved   community wellbeing.

Marlborough Community Law Centre Incorporated


For additional services in Kaikoura to support people with legal   issues related to the earthquake, including additional travel costs due to   road closure. The grant will support the emotional wellbeing of clients of   this service by improving access to free legal advice.

Te Whare Putea Charitable Trust



To develop an outdoor area at the Kaikoura Scout Den used by the   youth council and a number of other groups. Some outdoor recreational   facilities and areas were damaged in the earthquake. This grant will provide   an outdoor gathering and meeting space, especially for youth, contributing to   increased emotional wellbeing.

Te Hauora O Ngāti Rarua Ltd



For travel by the group’s Earthquake Whānau Ora Navigator who   supports earthquake affected families in Marlborough. The grant will support   the emotional and physical wellbeing of families by facilitating their access   to this mobile service.

Seddon School




To paint murals on damaged parts of the school with the help of   a specialist art teacher. The grant will contribute to the emotional   wellbeing of the school community, involving them in a project to improve the   physical environment of the school.

Cheviot Promotions Incorporated




To develop a marketing plan to encourage more visitors to   Cheviot. The earthquake has caused a significant reduction in visitors due to   ongoing road closures, impacting on both local businesses and the wider   community. The grant will contribute to an improved sense of wellbeing for   Cheviot residents by bringing a sense of vibrancy and attracting visitors to   the town.

Kaikoura Junior Tennis Club




To support the increased costs of a professional tennis coach   travelling regularly to Kaikoura and for equipment to support young people’s   skill development. Due to the closure of the main road, travel costs have   increased. The grant will contribute to the physical and emotional wellbeing   of club members by supporting them in their sporting activities and   development.

Crossroads (Marlborough) Charitable Trust



To repair and upgrade a community recreation area and facilities   at Kēkerengū, including the community hall. The grant will contribute to the   physical and emotional wellbeing of this isolated community by improving   these community facilities.

Takahanga Bowls Incorporated



For repairs to the club’s earthquake damaged paths and access   ways that weren’t covered by insurance. The grant will contribute to the   health, safety and physical wellbeing of club members.

Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust



To employ a Hurunui Recovery Team Outreach Co-ordinator for 12   months. This position is part of the Hurunui Recovery plan. The Co-ordinator   will support the emotional wellbeing of Hurunui residents by providing a well-coordinated   response to community recovery.

Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust



To employ a Workforce Wellbeing Facilitator for 12 months to   support workers (paid and unpaid) who are supporting the earthquake recovery   work in Hurunui. The grant will contribute to the wellbeing of key workers   through the provision of this service.

Kaikoura District Council



To continue the Events Co-ordinator role within the Kaikoura   Recovery Team. The grant will support community connectedness and emotional   wellbeing by providing free events that promote community participation and   fun.

Kaikoura District Council



To employ a Recovery Team Outreach Co-ordinator and an   Information Management Co-ordinator for Kaikoura. The grant will contribute   to the physical and emotional wellbeing of the Kaikoura community, enabling a   coordinated, well-informed approach to earthquake recovery and community   wellbeing in the district.

Waiau Rugby Club



To repair earthquake damage to the club rooms which are widely used   as a community facility for Waiau. The grant will contribute to improved   safety and the physical and emotional wellbeing of the Waiau community.

January 2017




Flaxbourne   Agricultural  and Pastoral Association


A   contribution for the additional costs of running the 2017 Flaxbourne A&P   Show, incurred due to the earthquake and the closure of State Highway 1. This   annual show will improve wellbeing through community connectedness and   participation in a fun event.

Hurunui   District Council


To   support the part-time employment of a Hurunui Recovery Team Information   Management Co-ordinator to collate information from diverse sources, enabling   a co-ordinated, well-informed approach to earthquake recovery and community   wellbeing in the district.

The   Kaikoura Community Op Shop Charitable Trust


To move and set-up a new venue for the op-shop, which provides a valuable community service run entirely by volunteers. Since the earthquakes, the former venue is no longer available. This grant will support volunteers participating in and contributing to their community and community wellbeing.

Kaikoura   Leisure Marching


To   support the group to attend a national marching event in Wellington. This   group usually fund-raise for all their costs to participate in events but   their fundraising facilities are no longer available due to the earthquakes.   The grant will support their community participation and wellbeing this year.

Supporting   Families Marlborough Trust


For   additional counselling services in the Marlborough region to help couples and   children to reduce anxiety and deal with stress following the earthquakes.   The grant will contribute to greater wellbeing for affected families.

Havelock   Vision 2020 Charitable Trust


To   support a day-long social outing to Havelock for some residents of Seddon and   Ward amongst those worst impacted by the Kaikoura earthquakes. This social   event will improve the community connections and psycho-social wellbeing of   those participating.

Awatere   Community Trust


For   additional operating costs for the Trust to respond to earthquake-related   recovery needs of people in the Seddon area. The additional services will   contribute to improved community wellbeing in the area, through the provision   of information and advice.

Bread   of Life Trust


To   provide additional support, advocacy and counselling for people affected by   the earthquakes in the Marlborough region. This will contribute to their   improved wellbeing and assist in practical recovery.