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What we do not fund Lottery Community Sector ResearchTe Tahua Rangahau mo ngā Hapori

Lottery grants may not be used for any of the following activities:

  • projects intended to make profits or gain for a person or organisation, unless any profit or gain is incidental (not the project’s main purpose)
  • commercial, political and/or religious activities, including employment and/or business projects, commercial businesses, political advocacy or projects that seek to change legislation
  • fundraising activities and projects for raising funds, or for training or employing fundraisers
  • repaying or servicing debt
  • refinancing loans, deposits or underwriting projects
  • projects that pass on funding to others
  • overseas aid or disaster relief
  • services for alcohol and drug treatment, education and support
  • medical expenses, operations, treatments or projects to buy major items of health equipment
  • capital investments or trust funds
  • projects that have been finished or costs that arose before the closing date for funding requests.

The Committee does not fund research or evaluation projects that:

  • have not come from community organisations, or from communities, hapū or iwi
  • do not follow good practice or ethical guidelines for research or evaluation projects
  • will not benefit New Zealand communities
  • will not make their findings public (unless there are special circumstances)
  • pay for private courses of study or projects that are part of an educational qualification.

What we fund

Research and evaluation project requirements