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What we may fund

Lottery grants for community facilities are made for:

    • projects to improve or build community facilities, or

    • studies to find out if a planned project is needed and can be achieved.

The Committee prefers requests for community facilities that can be used for more than one purpose or that will be shared. It will want to know how easily the community and other community groups will be able to access and use your facility.

As well as community centres or buildings, a community facility may be a stadium, performing arts complex, community swimming pool, aquatic centre, skate or dirt park, or a capital works project that improves local digital accessibility. 

The Committee prefers requests that show robust project planning has been done to support the type of facility that is planned; its multi-purpose uses and whether it is for the local, regional or national community.

Note: The Committee may consider funding a community facility for just one purpose, but only when the community considers this facility to be their biggest priority. The planned facility also needs to greatly improve opportunities for people to participate in community activities, and must have wide community support.

One-off projects

The following may be funded:

  • projects to build new community buildings or facilities

  • projects to improve or enlarge existing community facilities

  • feasibility studies to work out if planned projects are needed, can be achieved and fit the long-term vision for the community

  • building purchases (but only if this is a better and less costly option than building a new facility).

Building or renovation project costs may include:

  • earthquake strengthening or building extensions

  • lighting and fixed sport or recreational assets such as artificial multi-sport turf, goal posts, net fixtures

  • improving or adding kitchens and/or bathrooms, including ovens, fridges and dishwashers

  • professional fees for architecture, quantity surveying and/or for managing the project

  • professional fees for a suitably qualified project manager, who is not part of the  decision-making group for the project.

The Committee will want to know that the person in charge of your project has the right qualifications and experience for the type of project you are planning. This may be a volunteer or a paid professional project manager who will regularly report to the project’s decision-making group. They must not be a member of the project’s decision-making group.

You also need to show how your project will meet the correct standards for building or renovating community facilities to make them fully functional, safe and meet any requirements. The Committee is more likely to fund requests that show the project:

  • strong governance and financial management

  • involves tradespeople who are qualified or experienced to do the work

  • meets all of the regulations and requirements for building, health and safety

  • has had resource consent granted in the last two years

  • provides access for disabled people

  • provides essential services, such as plumbing, waste water and sewerage systems, and electricity and fire protection

  • has support from your community, such as people ready to work as volunteers.

Notes and other requirements:

  • Your grant request needs to show that you can provide at least one-third of the total project cost. Your request will not be considered if you can’t meet this partnership funding requirement by the closing date for requests.

  • You must provide a project plan and timeline, and simple concept drawings or floor plans.

  • Your project must have any resource consent it needs before you request a grant.

  • Any plans, studies or reports that you use to support your grant request must be by a person or organisation that is not part of the decision-making group. They must show they have the right experience and qualifications for their expert views.

  • As well as the project budget and any other extra documents required, if you are requesting a grant of:

    • less than $250,000, you need to provide three written quotes (or explain in writing why this isn’t possible)

    • $250,000 or more, you need to provide a quantity surveyor’s report or a signed contract or three written quotes.

Please contact a Lottery Community Facilities advisor on 0800 824 824 if you have any questions about your project or how this fund works.

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