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What does Lottery Community Facilities fund?Te Tahua Hapori Ngā Whakaurunga

What we fund

Lottery Community Facilities provides grants:

  • to improve or build new community facilities, or

  • for studies to work out if plans to improve or build community facilities can be achieved and will benefit the community.

The aim is to get more people involved in community and social activities, and to strengthen communities and bring people together by helping to develop their community facilities.

Funding for outcomes

Organisations receiving grants are expected to show how their community facility will help the community and:

  • increase the community’s strength and its ability to look after its own needs and achieve more

  • provide opportunities for people to join in social, recreational, civil or cultural activities

  • reduce or overcome barriers that prevent people taking part in those activities.

New or improved community facilities should help communities to achieve their outcomes, including:

  • providing more or better access to existing community services

  • creating more services, or making a bigger range of services available

  • improving the ability to respond to community needs

  • improving community links and networks.

More information on the Lottery Grants Board’s approach to achieving community benefits and outcomes through funding


Grant decisions are made by the Lottery Community Facilities Committee. Grant requests should show how your project:

  • is community-led and is well-supported supported by your community

  • will meet a community need

  • is the right size for your community

  • will provide new opportunities for people to be involved with and connected with the community, especially:

    • rural and isolated communities

    • disadvantaged groups

    • people who can’t easily access similar or suitable community facilities.

The Committee prefers requests for community facilities that will be used for more than one purpose and/or shared.

The Committee also prefers requests that show the community is able to develop, run and look after the facility in the future, without needing more lottery grants.

Small and large projects

Grants may be for:

  • small projects, where the grant request is for less than $250,000

  • large projects, where the grant request is for $250,000 or more.

    A project may be:

  • one stage of a larger project

  • a single project on its own.

    All requests for project grants must have:

  • a detailed project budget

  • at least two letters of support from community organisations that will use the facility when it is finished.

For more information on the types of projects or feasibility studies that may be funded and any additional requirements that may apply, go to:

What we may fund

Partnership funding,
feasibility studies
and land ownership

What we don’t fund