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What does Lottery Community fund?

What we fund

Lottery Community provides grants to not-for-profit organisations to:

  • help provide stronger and better support in your community,
  • help top up existing funding
  • support the specific needs of Māori, whānau, hapū and iwi, or
  • support the specific needs of older people, Pacific people and other ethnic communities, women, youth and people with disabilities.

Lottery Community grants may be used to support:

  • developmental or preventative projects 
  • welfare and support services
  • information or awareness-raising activities
  • projects that encourage people to take part in their community
  • projects that encourage community and/or cultural identity or understanding
  • activities that help develop people and organisations, particularly those who volunteer.

Grants are one-off contributions or multi-year grant investments for up to three years, for:

  • ongoing operating costs, for existing or expanded services and activities
  • projects beyond an organisation’s day-to-day operations.

Minor capital works projects valued at $30,000 or less may also be funded.

You need to include a budget for the type of grant you are requesting. If your request is for minor capital works, you will need two quotes for the building or renovation costs.

For details on funding limits and requirements, see the supporting document requirements for organisations.

Funding for outcomes

A Lottery Community committee looks at the outcomes of your project or services and how they will benefit your community and help:

  • support volunteers
  • people help themselves
  • promote community wellbeing
  • promote community or cultural identity 
  • support vulnerable people
  • people feel that they belong and can take part in their community.

Follow this link for more information on the Lottery Grants Board’s approach to funding for outcomes.


The Lottery Community committees also prioritise projects, activities, resources or services that focus on:

  • parents/families/whānau
  • youth development
  • enhancing the quality of life of older people in the community
  • preventing violence
  • new migrants/refugees
  • people with a long-term/significant disability or illness
  • people who are considered to be at risk or disadvantaged
  • improving people’s knowledge and use of digital technology.

Each Lottery Community Committee also sets its own regional or national outcomes.

Who to apply to:

Make grant requests to the national Lottery Community committee if:

  • your group is a national organisation;
  • your request is for a project or service with a nationwide benefit, or 
  • your request will benefit two or more regions.

Make grant requests to a regional Lottery Community committee if your request is for a project or service for only one of the Lottery Community regions and will only benefit a community or communities in that region. This includes if your group is an independent branch of a national organisation, with a separate legal entity, where your project or service will only benefit the region in which your grant request is made.

There are also two special funds available:

Signatories and Terms and Conditions

The Lottery Community request form includes online terms and conditions. Someone authorised to act for your organisation will need to login, review and accept the online terms and conditions before your grant request can be submitted.

What Lottery Community does not fund

Requesting a grant