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Forms you can download

In future, people requesting grants will do this through a new online system. The new online system will replace Grants Online (GOL) and most of the other application forms for new requests to Lottery Grants Board, Trust or Crown funded schemes.

The first funding scheme to go live will be Lottery Community. Requests for grants from other funds will be made using the new system as those funds open for applications during 2014/2015.


Lottery Community

Lottery Community Facilities Fund

Lottery Environment and Heritage

Lottery Individuals with Disabilities

Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities

Lottery Minister's Discretionary Fund - groups

Lottery Minister's Discretionary Fund - individuals

Note: These forms are for use by individuals and groups who currently receive a grant.



Crown grants

Community Organisation Grants Scheme




Trusts and fellowships

Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust

Pacific Development and Conservation Trust

Peace and Disarmament Education Trust