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Disarmament Education UN Implementation Fund

The Fund was set up by the New Zealand government to support the work of non-government organisations in disarmament education.

See also the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust for project grants or scholarships available in disarmament education.

What we fund

The Fund provides grants for non-government organisations for disarmament education activities in New Zealand or internationally. 

Priority is given to education activities that:

Organisations requesting grants should show:

  • they have knowledge, expertise and experience in disarmament education
  • how far their activities extend and how effective they are
  • how they can improve their outcomes through networking with similar non-government organisations and officials in New Zealand, overseas and with the United Nations.

Funding for outcomes

The Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control recommends which requests should be funded. There is a total fund of $150,000 available to distribute as grants each year.

Grant decisions are based on the likelihood an organisation will deliver the outcomes described in their grant request, including how they will contribute to greater public awareness of disarmament and arms control issues through their work.

Requests for grants need to show how:

  • planned activities will promote greater understanding of disarmament and arms control, and
  • contribute to advancing New Zealand’s disarmament interests and profile in international disarmament issues.

For more information, see the notes on the outcomes approach .

What may be funded

Grants may be made for:

  • the costs of non-government organisations and their work programmes for disarmament education
  • communications and outreach activities
  • buying low value capital items that are needed to achieve the purpose of the grant
  • training or knowledge-gathering opportunities, including attending conferences overseas.

Organisations requesting grants must show they are well governed and managed, and:

  • have legal entity status
  • are based in New Zealand, and
  • are able to achieve the activities and outcomes described in their request. 

What we don’t fund

The Disarmament Education UN Implementation Fund does not fund:

  • activities that do not support any policy of the New Zealand Government
  • individuals (see the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust for grants available to individual people)
  • non-government organisations that do not have a legal entity registered in New Zealand
  • requests that could personally benefit someone, if any possible conflict of interest has not been stated or dealt with properly
  • projects or activities that have already happened or started before a grant is made
  • repayment or servicing of debts
  • requests involving the purchase of land, buildings, furniture or fittings
  • projects or activities to develop commercial or religious ventures, including employment and/or business ideas
  • projects or activities intended to make a profit (although profits are allowed if the purpose is to achieve sustainability).

Requesting a grant

Requests for grants must be made using our online system.  Check the information on requesting a grant to see if your organisation meets the requirements for this fund.

Both the online organisation profile and request form must be updated and submitted by the closing date.

Supporting documents are needed for both the organisation profile and request form. Please check that you have the correct and final version of all supporting documents available online when you submit your request. Incomplete requests are not considered for funding.

For more information about the Disarmament Education UN Implementation Fund, contact us on 0800 824 824 (8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm Friday) or email:

Previous grants

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