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Community Development Scheme Te Tahua Whakapakari Hapori

In future, people requesting Community Development Scheme grants will be able to use a new online system. The new online system will replace Grants Online and the application form for new requests.

Kaupapa / Purpose

The Community Development Scheme (CDS) supports community, hapū, iwi, Pacific and ethnic groups to work together, generate their own solutions to local issues, and work towards becoming more self-reliant and resilient. CDS supports communities to work together in new ways, to be innovative and to determine their own development priorities to achieve sustainable community outcomes.

CDS funds communities to employ community development project workers who can facilitate the process of building community capacity and capabilities.

What we fund

The CDS funds projects that are an extra piece of work or planned activity over a finite period.  It is additional to the normal day-to-day work carried out by the organisation that is applying to the fund.  The CDS will fund projects over a period of three years.

Grants are given to:

  • cover the costs of employing and supporting a community development worker to carry out the project
  • contribute towards project costs and organisational overheads that relate to carrying out the project

Projects will need to:

  • be based in one of the priority territories for the 2014 funding round
  • be community-driven
  • be for a defined period 
  • be based on employing community development workers 
  • identify the long-term outcomes of the community involved in the project
  • provide a plan for the initiatives and activities in the first year to achieve progress towards the long-term outcomes
  • demonstrate the relevance of the project to the CDS purpose.

Applications should also demonstrate:

  • the applicant’s competence to host and manage the project over a period of three years
  • support from the community involved to undertake the project.

What we don’t fund

CDS does not fund projects that

  • are based in communities outside the identified priority territories
  • do not propose to use a community or hapū development approach
  • fund capital costs and major fixed assets (e.g. vehicles)
  • fund ongoing and existing programmes, services and projects (that is, business as usual for the organisation)
  • provide for ongoing operational costs of the applicant organisations not related to the project, and/or
  • do not employ a community or hapū development project worker.

Funding priorities

Priority is given to projects that

  • demonstrate communities working together to develop and implement solutions to local issues
  • provide people with a sense of belonging and purpose, shared vision and common values 
  • have capable and enterprising leadership 
  • have proactive, inclusive organisations 
  • are resilient and resourceful 
  • manage a community's own self-determined, sustainable development.

Priority territories for 2014

The priority territories change from year to year.

The territories for 2014 are

  • Clutha/Dunedin city
  • Far North district
  • Invercargill city
  • Marlborough
  • Ruapehu/ Taupo-Turangi
  • South Taranaki
  • South Wairarapa
  • Tararua
  • The Greater Waikato Region
  • Westland
  • Whangarei district

Who can apply

Grant requests are accepted from established community organisations that

  • are GST registered and able to provide audited accounts for the previous two years 
  • have legal entity status 
  • have appropriate governance and management structures and processes in place
  • have employment policies and practices 
  • have the capability to successfully achieve the project outcomes proposed.

How much to apply for

The maximum that amount given for a CDS project is $80,000 per year, over 3 years.

If a project is funded, and the monitoring and accountability requirements for the grant are met each year, funding for the term of the project will be continued for three years in total.

Requesting a grant