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What’s changed with COGS 2017?Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) Te Tahua Mā Ngā Whakahaere i Ngā Hapori

Since April 2015, community organisations that are registered as charities have been required to apply new reporting standards. The reports provided by registered charities are published online and are publicly available.

In line with these changes and our commitment to only ask for your data once, we have amended or updated some of our previous requirements for supporting documents and updated our funding limits or thresholds – for more information ensure you review the changes on Supporting document requirements.

Updating your organisation profile

The 2017 COGS request form includes a requirement to confirm that your organisation profile has been checked and the information is up-to-date at the time the grant request is submitted. This is because your request and organisation profile are both required for your request to be complete.

If you are authorised to submit a COGS request but you’re not the profile secretary for your organisation, ensure the profile secretary has updated your organisation’s profile before you submit a grant request.

"Copy request” option for COGS

If requesting a grant from more than one COGS committee, you can use the “Copy this request” option if you want to reuse your answers for more than one request.

"Copy this request” option is only available once you have saved the “original” request.

With each copied request, you will need to:

  • change the name of the COGS committee and also the answer to the locality question
  • change the name and contact details for the local contact person
  • consider how your request fits with the community outcomes for each COGS committee
  • upload a budget relevant to the request to the COGS Committee concerned
  • confirm that the organisation profile has been checked and updated
  • accept the Terms and Conditions and confirm you have the authority to request a COGS grant on behalf of your organisation.

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