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Electing COGS committee membersCommunity Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) Te Tahua Mā Ngā Whakahaere i Ngā Hapori

COGS provides grants to non-profit community organisations delivering community-based social services, projects and events.

Organisations may only vote for candidates for the COGS committee or committees in areas where their organisation has provided services for six months or more.

  • We will use the contact information from the organisation profiles in our online system to email the Group Email address of community organisations that requested a COGS grant in 2015 and/or 2016. Other local community organisations may contact us and we will send your organisation the voting form.
  • An email with information about the people nominated as candidates for your local COGS committee or committees will be sent in March.
  • Voting will open on 31 March. We will send an email with a SurveyMonkey link to the voting form for your COGS committee or committees.
  • Each community organisation can complete one voting form for their COGS committee or committees, using their SurveyMonkey link.
  • Voting will close on 18 April 2017.
    • If the number of nominations equals or is less than the number of places on a committee, all the candidates will be declared elected without a vote.
    • If there are vacancies on COGS committees at the end of the voting period, local people will be co-opted to make up the required number of committee members.
  • The National COGS Committee will check and confirm the results of the election.
  • We will contact all candidates and advise them of the results.

How COGS works

Community Organisation Grants Scheme